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Alpha Pi Delta Sorority, Inc was founded on

June 28, 2010 by impeccable women with like-minded missions, visions and goals.

Their vision was to organize a lesbian sorority to promote the cause of services and education by encouraging the highest standards through cultural and educational programs, promoting community service within our communities; fostering the sorority's network, growth, and sisterly love.

The Alpha Pi Delta Lady 

When God made the Lady of Alpha Pi Delta,
He summoned His angel messengers and
He commanded them to go through all the

star-strewn vicissitudes of space and gather all there was of beauty,
of brightness and sweetness, of enchantment and glamour,
and when they returned and laid the golden harvest at His feet.
He began in their wondering presence the work of fashioning the Lady of Alpha Pi Delta.

He wrought with the golden gleam of the stars,
with the changing colors of the rainbow's hues
and the pallid silver of the moon.
He wrought with the jewel that swoons within the heart of the beautiful amethyst,
and the snow that gleams on the lily's petal.

Then, glancing down deep into His own bosom,
He took of the love that gleamed there like crystals beneath the sun-kissed waves of a summer sea,
and thrilling that love into the form

He had fashioned, all heaven veiled its face, for lo,

he had wrought the Lovely Lady of Alpha Pi Delta.             
   Adapted from Southern Lady by Florence King


Angel of Peace



Purple Calla Lily


Purple Amethyst

Leading Ladies Leaving Lasting Legacies 

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